Caring for our Environment

... the heart of Hunting Hall

Tom has lived at Hunting Hall all his life and we have both loved the farm since childhood. It was only natural that as we began to take a role in the running of the family business, we would want to consider ways we could look after the land in our care. As our own family grew, we became youth leaders with the Wildlife Trusts and worked on many wildlife conservation projects at Hunting Hall with young people and families. We have been delighted to win several awards – follow our Green Awards link to find out more.

From our teenage environmental group, the Northumberland Eco Wild Team (NEWTs), came the inspiration for Newt Cottage, an environmentally friendly home where guests could experience a green lifestyle. You can read about the NEWTs' project and find out 'What makes Newt Cottage Green?'

The success of Newt Cottage and the encouragement of our holiday guests led us to renovate a second cottage, The Fuffins. Here we were able to build upon our experiences and incorporate guests' suggestions of new green ideas. Discover more about caring for the environment in The Fuffins

The NEWTs also created a farm trail to explain the wildlife conservation work we have carried out on the farm. This work is always on-going as we create and look after wildlife habitats at Hunting Hall. We try to encourage more people to become involved in looking after the environment. As well as green talks and walks around the farm, we have created a community orchard for Lowick village at Hunting Hall. More than 120 heritage fruit trees, sponsored by members of the public, have been planted in this new orchard.

Sharing green ideas is very important at Hunting Hall. We've always new things to learn and ways we can be greener. We hope you will enjoy exploring, sharing and helping our green ethos.