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Lowick Community Orchard

Lowick Community Orchard

Lowickj Community Orchard A special space of 1.8 acres of heritage fruit trees, to be cared for and harvested by local people.

Lowick Community orchard is a new orchard at Hunting Hall. In 2011 & 2012, over 60 local people from the ages of 2 to 80, have planted 112 heritage fruit trees on the farm. Each tree has been sponsored by a member of the public and there are apples, pears, plums, damson, greengage and even a medlar now growing in the orchard.

Some wonderful old varieties were chosen; an apple descended from Isaac Newton’s tree, which inspired his theory of gravity, an apple taken to sea by Captain Cook’s men to prevent scurvy, and a pear listed in the writings of Roman historian, Pliny. We’ve also had some cuttings grafted from a local farm orchard apple.

At Hunting Hall we are working with the local community to create an orchard that can be enjoyed by future generations. A grant from Natural England and the support of many people have made our project possible. We’ve designed paths that wind through the (very young) trees and a car parking area so that the orchard can be accessible to all. We hope it will become a lovely area for the village with picnic benches and seats next to the paths to help visitors relax and enjoy the fruit trees (though it may be some time before the trees bear fruit).

The orchard is managed organically in an ‘Organic Farmers and Growers’ conversion scheme. All the fruit produced in Lowick Community Orchard from 2014 will be certified organic.

Join us as we grow our project!