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Car Free Days

Car Free Days

Spend two days exploring Northumberland without your car and we’ll present you with a bottle of wine as a reward for being green! To take part, just drop your car keys off at the farmhouse before you start your car-free days.

There are some lovely activities that can be enjoyed around Northumberland without your car. Here are some suggestions:

  • Bird Watching – The farm has a diverse wild bird population.
    The last RSPB farm survey identified 41 species at Hunting Hall.
  • Cycling – A great way to see the area. There are many quiet country lanes and so much to see within cycling distance!
  • Explore local footpaths – take a picnic and spend the day enjoying the countryside.
  • Guided tour of the pigs - Tom will be happy to show you around the farm.
    Please do not go into the buildings by yourself.
  • Horse Riding - There are several local stables.
  • Music - If Alice and Roberta Burn are at home they will be pleased to play Northumbrian Smallpipes and/or harp for you.
  • Paddling at the Causeway – this is one our families favourite occupations!
    The causeway is a bike ride away from Hunting Hall.
  • Painting -Sitting quietly in the sunny countryside painting a picture is a lovely way to spend an afternoon.
  • Photography – There are some beautiful scenes, just waiting to be captured by your camera.
  • Picnic in the Dene - with art materials and/or a good book!
  • Star Gazing –On a clear evening the starry sky can be spectacular.
  • Walk the Newts Farm Trail.
  • Wildlife watching - Early morning is a good time to see wild mammals.

Seasonal Activities...

Feed a lamb - Sometimes we have orphaned lambs that need bottle feeding.
Barn Owl watching - Barn owls often nest on the farm.
An evening bat walk -There are several species of bats on the farm.
Gather nature’s harvest: blackberries, sloes, mushrooms etc.

Activities for Children...

  • Bark rubbings – put a sheet of paper against a tree’s trunk
    and gently rub over the paper with a soft crayon.
  • Nature weaving -Two sticks with strings between can make a basis for a
    weaving created from wild grasses, feathers, twigs, sheep’s wool etc.
  • River dipping/fishing with nets
    Please put any wildlife you catch back into the burn.
  • Mini beast surveys Identification sheets are available on request.
  • Take paper and pencils into the field and try creating a poem, a picture, or a word picture.
  • sit very quietly and jot down exactly what you see - waving grass, insects, butterflies etc.
  • Tracking and laying trails.
  • Please leave the countryside as you wish to find it!

    Please ask Karen if you’re interested in any of these activities and require more information!