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What Makes Newt Cottage Green?

What makes Newt Cottage green?

We want you to be able to enjoy a very special holiday in Northumberland, confident that your are helping to look after our environment.

Air-Source Heat Pump
An energy efficient electric air-source heat pump provides the heat for our central heating system and keeps Newt Cottage warm and cosy. 
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The dedicated Air Source Heat Pump is supplied by HeatKing Ltd. www.heatking.co.uk

Hot Water
Solar Panels
We have chosen to put solar panels on the roof of Newt Cottage so you can have lots of hot water, heated by the sun. 
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There are 3 solar panels (4 square metres) which are Atlas Solar Collectors supplied by Sundwel Solar Limited.

The cottage is well insulated so that the warmth the central heating has generated can’t escape outside. You can view the sheep’s wool insulation through a viewing panel in the living room.

Our electricity company is Ecotricity, they supply power to the grid from wind turbines.

We’ve chosen ‘A’ rated energy efficient electrical appliances for the kitchen and used energy saving light bulbs.

We hope you’ll join us in saving electricity by switching lights off and not leaving the television on standby!

No Harmful Chemicals
All the paints and wood oils used in the cottage are free of harmful solvents; caring for the environment and for you. 

We’ve used untreated European larch in the restoration work and have tried to buy solid wood furniture.

The electricians have installed low smoke and fume wiring (non PVC) and we’ve chosen natural fibres, such as wool rugs, wherever possible.

Classic unbleached organic cotton bed linen, towels and organic wool pillows provide a pure, simple luxury we’re sure you’ll enjoy.

To save water we’ve installed a shower above the bath and a dual flush toilet.

The pretty cottage garden is watered with natural spring water from the garden tap or with rainwater collected in a barrel from the greenhouse roof.

A 3 part kitchen bin is great to help you recycle and don’t forget to compost your garden rubbish. It’s important to use recycled products so you’ll see we have recycled glasses, paper, toilet rolls, tissues and pens.

Everything for the cottage is bought with consideration for the environment – so you’ll know food and drink, bathroom toiletries and cleaning products will be gentle to the environment and to you.