"Truly Inspirational!"

The Newt's Research

Newt Cottage has been designed around the research of a teenage environmental group, the Northumberland Eco Wild Team, NEWTs.

The 10 teenagers of this Wildlife Trust youth group were inspired to look for eco-friendly alternatives that could be part of a greener lifestyle. Their research led to the renovation of Newt Cottage so that visitors could explore the Newts’ environmental ideals.

“If just one guest goes home thinking it is worthwhile to make their own house a bit 'greener', then we will have done something valuable, and we are hoping to convince many more!”
NEWT Sarah Handyside

The Newt Cottage Farm Holiday project was a great success for the NEWTs. They won the UK Volvo Young Environmentalists of the Year Award and they travelled to an international youth conference in Sweden where they gave a presentation about the Newt Cottage project.

Meg Burn (UK) and Lynn Werhahn (Germany) represented the NEWTs at the UNEP Tunza Youth Conference in Bangalore 2005. Here Meg presented a talk on sustainable lifestyles based on the Newt Cottage project.

Our work for this small cottage has travelled far and wide!

Fiona Hall MEP Opening Newt Cottage 2006